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CamScanner for Android: Nowadays it is tough to digitalize the documents such as notes, files, etc. We need to take all the documents to the shopkeeper and make them scan and save it for further use. But with the evolution of technology, all those things are possible even in our homes, and there is no need of doing all these things. Now let us enter to the crucial topic that is how we can scan the documents at our home. There comes the CamScanner which is the best App to scan all the files, receipts, visiting cards, etc. And there are many scanning Apps are available in the market for the Android users, and therefore we can download and install a CamScanner for Android on our Android devices.

CamScanner for Android

Users who want to have the CamScanner App on their smart phones can download the App from the Google Play Store. It is readily available for all the users. The Camscanner for Android is used to scan the media files and convert them into the PDF format. We can also extract the text documents which are captured by the Android Camera. It uses the built in camera for taking the pictures and documents. And it is the best scanning App used to scan the documents and converting them into the PDF.

CamScanner for Android | Best PDF Creator

The CamScanner is rich in its features, and we can scan, sync and as well as store the documents using the CamScanner App. And also we can create the digital copies of the documents using the camera. It optimizes the images of the scan documents can then enhances the image quality and makes it look more beautiful. The scanned documents can be saved in various file formats such as PDF, JPG. And the important feature in the CamScanner is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which identifies the text in the scanned images and converts it into the editable text document.

CamScanner for Android

This CamScanner is developed by the INTSIG information Co LTD. It is having two versions of the Applications in the Google Play Store such as paid and free apps. For free versions, we have ads and as well as the watermark. Using the Camscanner, we can touch the camera icon to start scanning the documents. For scanning the document, we need to place it on the smooth surface.

Various Features of CamScanner

These are the list of the various CamScanner Applications. All these features are different from the other scanning applications.

  • The User Interface of the CamScanner is easy to understand.
  • It has the smart cropping and auto enhancing facility for the scanned documents.
  • We can do the file sharing on the CamScanner Application.
  • Various tasks such as upload, print, and fax.
  • Users can also protect the files, images and as well as the documents using the password.
  • Using the tags we can search the files.

 How to Download and Install CamScanner App for Android

The CamScanner App is readily available for all the users in the Google Play Store. Here we can download the Apps from the Play Store. Below are the installation steps for downloading the CamScanner App on your Android Device.

CamScanner for Android

  • First of all, go to the Google Play Store official website. It is the place where you can have all the Applications and Games.
  • We can download the Apps and Games for free in the Play Store. And now in the search bar type “CamScanner”
  • A list of results will display on the screen and we can choose the appropriate Application.
  • Now Click on the CamScanner App and then tap on install.
  • Go to the file manager of your mobile and then search for the CamScanner.
  • Next start scanning your documents with the help of CamScanner Application.

Free Download & Install CamScanner

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