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Lifestage APK for Android: Hello friends!!! have you ever heard of Lifestage APK for Android? I think only a few people know about this App. Well, I will explain you about Lifestage APK for Android. The Lifestage Facebook App is the way of converting the biography into video profile. In the earlier stage, it is designed for the iOS devices, and later on, it was extended for the Android mobiles. This Lifestage App is all about shooting the videos instead of keeping the biography text on your profile. By following this guide, you can have the complete info regarding the Lifestage App for Android.
Lifestage APK for Android

The great social media giant Facebook has launched the Lifestage Facebook App for the teenagers under 21 years of age. Lifestage Facebook App may ask for your happy face, smileys, sad face expressions, likes, dislikes and also for dancing. We can shoot our videos and place them instead of the biography on our profile. These video clips can be updated, and we can share them with our friends, and hence they can watch your created profile. This Lifestage Facebook App is recently available for the Android version also.

Download Free Version – Lifestage APK for Android

The most interesting fact is that it is developed by the teenager Michael Sayman who is 19 years old. This App is for the age group of 21 years and below. For signing up into this App you no need to have a Facebook account. All that you need to do is select your High school name, and then it automatically navigates you to the profile, and it shows the updated profiles of your school friends almost up to twenty people. In the below section you can have the features of the Lifestage App.

Lifestage APK for Android

Features of Lifestage App for Android

Hope you have understood about the Lifestage Facebook App for Android. Now let’s enter into some of the amazing features of Lifestage Facebook App. Here we have provided you the entire features of the Lifestage App for Android go through them.

  • It doesn’t require any Email Id to register.
  • There is no need of any Facebook account for sign up into the Lifestage APK.
  • We can also post a pic for likes or dislikes.
  • Lifestage Apk is only for the teenagers of 21 and below.
  • We can also change the videos in our profile at any time as long as we are using the Lifestage Apk.
  • Lifestage Facebook app helps you to convert the biography text into the video profile.
  • It is free to download and install the Lifestage Facebook App.

Lifestage App for Android | Download

Lifestage App is released for the iOS devices only, and it was yet to be released for the Andriod platform. So users who are interested in Lifestage App can download the App by following the below steps. It is easy to download and install the Lifestage APK for Android.

Lifestage APK for Android

  • Firstly open the Google Play Store on your Andriod mobile.
  • Next sign into the play store and search for the require App.
  • In the search bar type ‘Lifestage’ and it shows various results.
  • Click on the Lifestage App, and there you can observe the ‘Install’ option.
  • Next click on the install button it starts installing on your Android mobile.
  •  Finally, start making your profile more beautiful and awesome.

Download Lifestage APK for Android | Free Latest Version

We can also download the Lifestage App through Apk file. The official version is not released for the Android mobiles. When it is released, you can download this App from the Apk file. Here are the steps that can be followed while downloading the Lifestage APK file.

  • Download the latest version of the APK file for your Android device.
  • To access permission from the unknown sources navigate to the Settings —-> Security —->Unknown sources.
  • Here check mark to allow the permission to run the Android Apps.
  • The Apk file gets successfully installed on your device.
  • After successful installation opens the App and then start designing your profile.

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